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Current three steps facial care & everyday makeup products

Hi loves!!! Happy to be blogging as always:) Hope we are all doing great?  So let’s start with my facial care products and how I started using these products. Towards the end of last year I had these reactions and I started breaking out. I had been using natural honey before then and it worked … Continue reading


Hi guys!  Hope the week has been great so far? I’ve been having a regular week, nothing exciting. I’m here waiting for the weekend like…. Anyway loving my manicure this week, so decided to post a picture.  :))

Washing my brushes quick and easy :))

Hi everyone! I’m sure we are all doing very well, so I would just go ahead with this post.  I decided to give my brushes a wash today and discovered I had run out of baby soap (Johnsons baby soap)     I’ve been using this for as long as I can remember and the result … Continue reading


Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog.  I decided to do a post on the beauty products I currently love. These are things I only started using, so this is not a post on all my best beauty products. Enjoy!   I’m back to my black up foundation. This is the medium coverage one and … Continue reading

Favorite Scents

hey guys!  I decided to share my new favorite scents with you.  I am in love with the My Burberry by Burberry and the Valentina by Valentino. They both come in very nice packaging that will eventually become storage boxes for me and they have very fresh feminine scents and literally last the whole day.  … Continue reading