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Current three steps facial care & everyday makeup products

Hi loves!!!

Happy to be blogging as always:) Hope we are all doing great? 

So let’s start with my facial care products and how I started using these products. Towards the end of last year I had these reactions and I started breaking out. I had been using natural honey before then and it worked perfectly ( I had smooth clear skin) but it stopped all of a sudden and nothing else was working as well. 

Then my mum suggested I started using the clean&sclear essentials deep cleaning astringent Step2 cleanser. This treats and helps prevent pimples and the best part of it is its Oil-free. 

To the three steps: I use my baby wipes or facial wipes to clean my face first then I decide to wash my face with the johnsons baby top-to-toe first( I use this because it’s mild and I do not like to have too many concentrated products on my skin at once) which is step two and then I go on to cleanse with my cleanser and some cotton pads. I always use cotton pads because they help with dispensing the product better. 

Moving on to what I use on my face( these are the products I use to work everyday, I work in a corporate organization where very minimal makeup is encouraged so this is perfect for my skin since I want it to breathe) 

I use this eyebrow pencil( I don’t remember the name unfortunately) but I love the shade of brown. This is very light and gives me natural looking brows. Next I conceal with my l.a girl concealer in warm honey and then I go on to use my maybelline powder all around my face to keep the shine away and finally I go in with any nude lipstick of my choice and I line my lips with my zaron lip liner.

I’m sorry this was such a long post, hope you still enjoyed it. See you! 



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