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Taking Notes

Hi my darlings! Hope everyone is doing well? 

I’m going to get right into the post because I’ve been dreaming about this post and I’m excited. 

I’m one of those people who loves to jot. I love having a nice clean notepad where I can put down all my ideas, important things I need to remember, birthdays and all that. I love the notepad on my iPhone btw I use that too, but I just love to have a notebook with me. My life is pretty much organized this way and I just like that I can look back at ideas and other stuff and I don’t need to stress myself if I don’t remember something. 

Back at school, I was the one who knew when assignments were due, when class tests were coming up. I remember I used the front pages for assignments and other school work and the other end of the book to keep notes of who had my textbooks. This was super useful for me. 

It also helps with work, I usually have a lot to do as I answer to more than one person at work, sometimes it’s overwhelming but with my notebook I can easily keep track of what needs to be done and when and meeting deadlines is no issue for me. 

Hope you enjoyed this post? 

I’m obsessed with this pen I got from Pandora btw. It’s such a lovely shade of pink and it’s so pretty. 



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