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Washing my brushes quick and easy :))

Hi everyone!

I’m sure we are all doing very well, so I would just go ahead with this post. 

I decided to give my brushes a wash today and discovered I had run out of baby soap (Johnsons baby soap) 

I’ve been using this for as long as I can remember and the result is usually very good. Also really mild and doesn’t hurt my brushes. The only problem I had with this was the number of times I had to re wash before really getting them clean. But it’s not for washing brushes so that was expected and I could deal with it. 

Well my friend gave me the coastal scents brush shampoo cleanser https://www.coastalscents.com/products/brush-shampoo and it’s really the best. I used this on my foundation brush once and it was all clean. 

All I had to do was wet my hand a little bit, put very little into my palm and I turned my brush into it gently and in circular motions and the bristles literally became white again in seconds. I set it aside and did the same with the others, then I got some luke warm water and rinsed the soap out nice and gently.

Then I got a small clean towel and wiped the handles of my brushes ( I think I saw its best to keep water away from the handles somewhere) so I’ve just been doing that. And finally I set them on a dry towel to air dry. 

The good thing is this was all done in less than 30minutes which is the fastest I’ve ever washed my brushes!! And I’m probably going to keep using this. 

Hope you like this post? 

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