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Merry Christmas! Overdue post! 

Hello everyone!!!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the break as much as I am? I’ve been catching up with old friends and just having a really good time. 

I got some new affordable and great looking makeup I wanted to share. 

Hope you like? 


  There’s my L.A Girl NUDES eyeshadow collection. I love all the colors in this. It’s an amazing pallet and very affordable. 

I am loving LA Girl items to be honest. I just had to get the blush set. It also comes with a bronzer and a very nice highlighter which I’ve also been using.

I also got the sleek face contour kit. It comes with a dark pressed powder and a very nice highlighter. I started using this highlighter before the LA Girl one, now I just use this first and the LA Girl on it

Next is my Zaron trio eyeshadow. This has the best three shades to create a nice eyeshadow look. I’m always using this.

I have gone on about the black up foundation in an old post and I still love it. I stopped using this for a while because it didn’t look good on me but I got a new foundation brush and I guess they just work really well together and now I can’t do without it. 

I am still in love with my LA Girl concealers. 💕💕

I have got a lot of brushes but I decided to show you these four. First is my megaga foundation brush, this is awesome. Blends nicely, next is my powder brush which I’ve been using for a while and I take everywhere with me and the last two are for my eyebrows. I use the smaller brush to apply the product and the other to blend out. 

Next is my Zaron lip liner. This is the perfect liner for my l’oreal lipstick which is shown next.

If you do not feel the need to wear false lashes and you want long and full looking lashes you need these mascaras. Tbh the maybelline mascara does it on its own but I like my lashes extra thick so I go for the NICKAK’s first before I go ahead with the maybelline and I have had people ask me where I get my falsies from. And I just let them know it’s mascara. And I must mention these mascaras last really really long.

I still use my seventeen eyeliner wand and my elf eyeliner. They are still good when you want a matte liner look. I remember doing a post where I mentioned the ADS liners . I use this for my water line and I look bright and sharp. The XRS Superchic liner is another I’ve been loving almost more than the elf because it’s not matte. It comes on nice and easy and lasts really long.

I’ve also got a beauty blender, I use this to blend out my under eye concealer. Very nice! 🙌🏻

This is a new makeup fixer I got. I love it. Lol. I used this the other day when I went out and my makeup was really in place all night. It’s really watery so you need to hold it away from your face . 

I’ve also got my faithful maybelline powder which I’m going to replace today because it’s finished. This powder is what I use on days when I don’t want an oily face and I’m not wearing a lot of makeup. The powder smoothens and keeps my face matte. 

And lastly in this video is this beautiful travel brush set my best friend recently got me. It’s lovely. I was so sad to have product go on the powder brush over the weekend but once I saw how nice the brush was on my skin I was just so excited. And this is the icing brush set. 

It’s been so long. I hope you guys liked this post? I was really happy doing it. 




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