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First reviews

Hi everyone!!

I am so excited about this post because I got some new stuff today and I tried them out and…. Keep reading! 

I was going to put up a completely different post but I got so pumped about this and I decided to do my first reviews.

So I went out and got myself the Black up foundation in 05 and LA Girl pro concealers in fawn and dark cocoa. These are amazing products I must say. 
Let’s start with the foundation! 

I love this already! The foundation is a little thick and glides on nicely! So easy to blend. And this doesn’t come off so easily. I mean I washed off about three times before It eventually came off. It cost N8300 which is a little over $40. 

Next are my concealers!! Whoop whoop


Now these are water based concealers. And I will start with the lighter shade fawn. I’m going to be using this to highlight. 

It seemed a bit too light at first but once blended out properly, it was great! I put a little too much on my hand. So you also need to be careful because if you press too hard it just spills out.

And the darker shade dark cocoa

This is for my contouring. Now when I opened this up a lot of water came out and I mean a lot, so if you have applied your foundation already try not applying this directly to your face. You could put some on your hand as the picture below shows, 

And then transfer to your face because your foundation would get ruined if the water comes out first. 

I also noticed this is a little too dark for me but once I was done blending I liked it. So I’m going to get a lighter shade for days I don’t really feel like having a too strong contoured face and I will keep this one for other days.

Apart from that I love the foundation and concealers and the concealers were only N1200 which is also about $6. 

And I don’t believe I am just getting these, I feel like the last person to get these. 

Anyway I hope this review helps other people who want to try something new and I hope we all enjoyed this. 




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