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Hello everyone! 

Are we all having a good weekend? I am! I’ve had a cold all week long but I didn’t let that ruin my weekend. 

I did a couple of things, took a few pictures- I will have those up soon and I started taking some tea. 

I have been having the green tea all week because of my cold and I got tired of taking medicine for that.  

This is an amazing tea.

And then I got this, I literally just had my first cup a few minutes ago and I knew I had to let you guys know how amazing it is 

It has a sweet taste unlike the green tea and this just clears up your throat in minutes. 

I will definitely stock up more on this. 

Did I add my mum got me the tea? Thanks mum!

Oh! And I got a manicure and pedicure today! It felt really good and soothing. 

Now, I will go back to resting and having some chocolate while I watch catch me if you can with my sister. 

Kisses for you. 

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