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New in/first haul.

Hi loves! It’s really nice to be blogging again. I’ve been away too long because I’ve been caught up in some other things i.e my 9-5 job, but I’m going to make up. 🙂 
Well I got some new stuff over the past few weeks and wanted to share as always :)) so I decided to do a haul


  I got a new pair of light wash jeans, I saw this the other day and I knew I had to have it. (I should have a picture wearing it), – also a nice cute blouse for work from Theshopng. – I also finally got a nice lace bralet ( I would also put a picture up wearing that), – trying to be healthy so I got some tea- Ahmad tea London, lemon and lime twist. I was actually going to go for green tea but I loved the lemon and lime in this. – I got some Vaseline, – a foot scrub. I love having a smooth and soft foot, – more baby wipes. I was going to get the proper makeup remover but I forgot. -Also I got a nice Apple watch. This is one from the sport collection. I’ve wanted a new watch for a while now so this is just great and it fits perfectly, the straps are beautiful. I would probably talk about this in another post – I also got some deodorant that I’m loving. I got the Nivea first which I absolutely love, you literally stay fresh the whole day but I’ve always been a Sure girl so I also picked one up. 

And I can’t do without my flats sooooo I got three new pairs in black for work!!!

Enjoy, like and follow!



2 thoughts on “New in/first haul.

  1. I was going to go through this process as well except that i am always on #runoduties. I need help. My make-up routine is non existent and that is because i havent found what i’m looking for (if i know what that is). Same with my clothes… In fact we need to see and work out something soonest. Thanks for the shoes! Cant do without my flats either… Looking forward to more posts

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    Posted by bqemretane | August 9, 2015, 9:07 pm

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